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South Yarra Smash Repairs Searching for a smash repairing company after an accident will take time and you cannot be sure about the quality of service provided by the South Yarra Smash Repairs company. Knowing the contact details of a reputable smash repairing company is as important as the first aid kit in your vehicle. You cannot search for it after the accident happened. All the South Yarra  smash repairs has need not be the best in providing all the services related to accidents. You will need help in panel beating, spray painting, insurance claim, etc. Richmond Panels, the South Yarra  smash repairs company that we are discussing here has all the features you need for a smash repairing.

You may not find a South Yarra  smash repairs company that can also deal with the insurance and mechanical work. Not only that the new parts they are going to use may not be of the same standard. Towing the car or vehicle after the accident for a long distance will be a difficult task. So the best option is to select one from the companies for smash repairs South Yarra has. Knowing the unique features offered by the Richmond Panels is very important. Below are the facilities provided by this South Yarra  smash repairs company.

South Yarra Smash Repairs Benefits:

  • Richmond Panels is in the business for more than 14 years and is run by Adam Djemal
  • The technicians working here are experienced in dent massage and management
  • The South Yarra Smash Repairs  services offered are towing, panel beating, car detailing, and painting
  • Both personal and fleet vehicles (companies like CMG) are handled by Richmond Panels
  • The turnaround time is quick and the best service in the area is availed to the customers
  • The Golden Lifetime Warranty from this South Yarra smash repairs company ensures the quality of their service
  • Technologies used by Richmond Panels are the latest in the market and the parts used meet the South Yarra Smash Repairs standards
  • Paints used for spray painting are of high quality and you get any type of paints (acrylic, enamel, metallic etc.)
  • For small dings the South Yarra Smash Repairs company does not replace the panel completely.
  • If the accident is a major one you may need to contact your insurance company. Before contacting your insurance assessor contact Richmond Panels.
  • You get the needed guidelines for all the South Yarra Smash Repairs processes including the smashing repairs and insurance claiming process
  • The Richmond Panels is the company for South Yarra Smash Repairs has with a 24 hours helpline
  • The 40 replacement cars that are ready for the customers make sure that you are back on track immediately

Contact South Yarra Smash Repairs

The technicians and Adam Djemal will have the work completed within the time frame promised. The availability of the 40 replacement cars makes sure that the customers are back on the road even if their South Yarra Smash Repairs vehicles are still in the workshop. Be it a fleet of vehicles or individual vehicles you can make use of the services of Richmond Panels at any time. If the accident happens on the way to an appointment you just have to call Richmond Panels and ask for a loan car. South Yarra Smash Repairs will come and tow the vehicle to their shop. Call South Yarra  smash repairs today on (03) 9428 3016

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40 Replacement Cars!

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